Vaguely Human is a lyrical/funk/rock/roots act from Brisbane. Think The Herd, James Brown, Rage Against The Machine and The Lion King Soundtrack. They believe in strong community concepts and the use of positive power and action. Uplifting, frenetic, catchy and palatable original music is what to expect from a live show; with sets ranging from full funk power to chilled Sunday grooves.

After releasing a Demo in 2015, an EP release in 2016, and extensive east coast touring, the band are on track to release their debut Album in 2018.

Their debut EP “Space” (2016) powered their leap from the local Brisbane scene to the national stage. They have performed extensive tours through SEQ, Central QLD, Sydney, and Melbourne - sharing the stage with acts such as Caravana Sun, Sticky Fingers, Amy Shark, The Mouldy Lovers, Band of Frequencies, Cheap Fakes, and Bullhorn.

The Band Members

B grade: A thesaurus attached to a dictionary, duct taped to a machine gun with a mouth.

Lozza: Singer. Songwriter. Lozza is a master of Harmony. Life ain't about technicality… It's about peace, love, and unity.

Guy: A man of the Earth, he is in tune with the rhythm of nature. A true expert in the field of vibration, he lays down the fresh, organic beats for VH.

Vegas: The resident low frequency specialist for VH. Funky, soulful, and addicted to laying down the low end, he plays bass like he lives his life. Loud!

The Tall Tones: The duo of Azza (trumpet) and Swanny (saxophone). Fresh licks and haunting harmonies bring the depth of emotion that complete the VH signature sound.